Purple Kitten’s Best Friend Smudged In Color From Cuddling Him So Much

Smurf, a kitten that was dyed purple and thrown to the dogs as a chew toy, is steadily getting better since his rescue. The tiny kitten is recovering quickly in large part because of his blind kitten companion, Wanda.

Smurf met Wanda at the cat rescue Nine Lives Foundation when the two were put together. Wanda came into the rescue just a few days after Smurf arrived. She too, had serious injuries. She was found freezing next to a garbage bin and rescued by Good Samaritans. Her left eye appears to have never developed in the socket and her right eye was infected and damaged beyond repair, leaving her blind.


Photo credit: Nine Lives Foundation

“She was placed in the same cage as Smurf on her very first day and has become bonded with him,” says the group on Facebook.

Since then, the two have become inseparable. Every day, Smurf gives Wanda a soothing massage. If you listen closely to the video posted by Nine Lives, you’ll hear “the purring…it will warm your heart!”

The two are so close and snuggle so much that Smurf has literally rubbed off on Wanda. She has taken on a purple hue!


Photo credit: Nine Lives Foundation

In both videos (above and below), Smurf can be seen kneading. Nine Lives Foundation explains that kneading is a comforting action for cats and kittens. “Kittens do it when they are nursing from their mother,” they write. “I have a 4 year old cat who loves to ‘make biscuits’ on anything soft including us. He gets such a loving look on his face and just purrs with happiness.”

Smurf looks quite content as he busily kneads Wanda! Smurf continues to be healing well and the rescue hopes that he and Wanda will be able to go to their foster home soon.

Nine Lives has promised that the two will stay together and be adopted together when the time comes. Until then, the rescue is encouraging people to visit their local shelter or rescue and adopt a black kitten or cat in Smurf’s honor.

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