Policeman Risks His Live To Save Dog Trapped By Raging Fire

A police officer with the Policía Federal de México saved the life of a dog after the dog became trapped on a property ablaze with an uncontrollable fire.

The terrified dog had run away as far as she could from the fire, but was fenced in with no way out. The dog, who appears to be named Lulu, was likely the guard dog for the property, but with a fence surrounding the building, she was stuck inside.

Luckily, the police arrived and and an officer braved the blaze to save her. Lulu did not put up a fight. It’s as if knowing the man was there to help her.

The Policía Federal de México uploaded the video and wrote (translated), “In performing our work, we face different challenges, but we are always oriented to protect life.”

This video reminds me of the dramatic footage of a Colombian Police Officer who braved a flash flood to save a dog being swept away!