Rescued Elephant Joyfully Reunites With Baby She Adopted

Elephants live together their entire lives. In many ways elephant mothers are more bonded to their young than humans are, because in the wild they are never apart. Tragically, however, elephants in Thailand continue to be used for tourist entertainment, which means infants are often torn away from their mothers.

Mebai was separated from her mother at a young age and sold to the tourism industry. While at the tourist camp, another elephant named Mae Boon Sri adopted Mebai and became her nanny, and took care of her in place of her mother.

A while later, Mebai was rescued and taken to Elephant Nature Park sanctuary – where working elephants are saved and live a life of freedom. In a wonderful turn of events, Mebai’s biological mother was already at the sanctuary! But what of Mae Boon Sri?

Well, it took some years, but the rescuers at Elephant Nature Park managed to convince her owners to let her retire. Thus began a five day trek for Mae Boon Sri to be reunited with her adopted child!

Volunteers at the sanctuary describe witnessing the reunion and what a precious experience it was. When the two elephants are reunited, there was trumpeting and touching and joy!

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