Dog’s Funny Reaction To His Parents Getting Engaged Makes For Extra Special Moment

Sonny the dog loves going to the beach with his owners Madison and Jack. However, on a recent visit to the beach, Sonny sensed something extra special was happening and it turns out he was right.

Jack had decided to ask for Madison’s hand in marriage and had arranged to get down on bended knee under the pretext of taking a family photo. So, they set up the camera and while Madison tried to get Sonny to sit still for the shot, Jack proposed, extended a ring and asked the question, “Will you marry me?”

That’s when Sonny began to zoom around. The couple shared the adorable moment on TikTok, which you can see below:

@bodybymadison Yes #proposal #engaged #engagement ♬ Beige – Audiotree Live Version – Yoke Lore

Sonny zips between them, delighted at what was happing. As you’ll see in the video, Madison said “yes” to Jack. She later told the Dodo how she reacted, “I started crying straight away. Then, when Sonny started getting the zoomies, I couldn’t help but laugh because he was going so fast. I think I realized that I had everything I ever needed in life in that moment.”

And from watching Sonny and Jack, we’d say that they thought the very same!

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