Wild Coyote Happily Plays With Dog’s Ball

It’s not every day that you see a wild animal behaving like you would expect a domesticated one too. YouTube user Evnissyen witnessed such a moment outside their window, when they spotted a coyote on a hill. The wild canine discovered a ball belonging to a neighbor’s dog and began playing with it, much like a dog would!

“I saw this guy playing on the hill while I was getting ready for work,” writes Evnissyen. “It’s pretty rare to see a coyote this close to the house at all, and totally unexpected to see one playing with the neighbour-dog’s ball in broad daylight!”

Watch as the coyote happily plays a game of fetch with himself and share this cute video with your family and friends!

Similarly, Pamela Underhill Karaz captured a coyote playing with her dog’s stuffed toy and took these charming photographs.

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