Weimaraner Relaxes In The Goofiest Way You Will Ever See

Weimaraners, or Weims as owners of the breed affectionately call them, are renowned for their independence, high energy and smarts. But the sleek, silver dogs have another interesting trait that many Weim owners are quick to point out – they’re goofy.

Take Wheeler. He’s the definition of a derpy dog! Whether he’s lounging on his favorite ottoman or taking a nap with his paws sticking up into the air, Wheeler catches your attention, because he’s as gangly and awkward a dog as I’ve ever seen. Check out these photos of Wheeler being adorable in his relax time!

Note: Please allow a few seconds for the photos to load.

Wheeler loves to stretch out over the ottoman.

And take a nap in his favorite chair.

He has more than one favorite.

Wheeler likes to birdwatch like this.

And garden like this.

He always has a smile on his face on Fridays.

And will stare lovingly at you from the backseat of the car.

He loves a good stretch.

And will head tilt at the sound of a “treat”.

He’ll chat about his plans for the day. (hint: sleeping, eating, barking at squirrels, napping…)

Snow outside? It looks a bit chilly. Time for a cuddle instead.

Is it treat time?

Just a casual mid-day nap.

Even his ears do funny things sometimes.

“When your hooman specifically asks you not to get on the bed but you outsmart the system.”

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