Friendship Between Man And 40-Year-Old Horse Saves Both Their Lives

Don’t be fooled by their ‘tough guys’ act. Waco, a former harness racing horse and caretaker Donnie MacAdams love each other. Waco is living out his days on a farm in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Although he was an average race horse, there’s nothing average about his age – he’s 40 years old (that’s about 120 in human years). He wasn’t eating out of loneliness when he met Donnie, and although Donnie wasn’t expecting it the two formed a special bond, one that would help Donnie through his heart attack.

Watch the video about this rare friendship in the video below!

For those viewers that may be restricted from viewing the video above, there is an abbreviated video of the story below.

CBS news reported that Waco has since passed away at age 42. “We are sad to learn from Donnie MacAdams that a long-lived former racehorse, Waco Hanover, whose remarkable friendship with his caretaker was lovingly covered in our 2017 report, died Saturday at the age of 42.”

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