Veteran Overcome With Emotion When He Learns He Will Get His Dogs Back From Shelter

This is a touching story of the kindness of strangers towards a man and his two dogs. An elderly veteran in Delaware had a massive heart attack back in September 2015 and had to go to hospital, leaving his two dogs, Bailey and Blaze, behind.

When the First State Animal Center and SPCA (which is a shelter located inside a PetSmart store), heard about the unnamed man’s plight they volunteered to take care of Bailey and Blaze while he was hospitalized. But it turns out he was ill much longer than he thought he would be and eventually, the shelter put the two dogs up for adoption.

Fortunately, when the gentleman was healthy enough, he contacted the shelter and was relieved to learn that Bailey and Blaze were still there. He immediately began trying to raise the funds to get his dogs back, but was struggling to get the money together. That’s when a volunteer at the shelter heard his story, and paid the adoption fees for him!

When the man returned a few days later to tell the staff he needed a bit more time to collect the money, he was shocked to discover he could take his pets home!

Lindsay Marie took a video of the moment the man learned his two dogs would be coming home with him. Needless to say he was overcome with emotion!

To add to the good news, he also went home with supplies for Bailey and Blaze as more people “have raised money for gift cards and treats and toys and food and everything; he was so grateful,” Lindsay commented on Facebook.

What a happy ending! Be sure to share it with your family and friends.