Two-Year-Old Miraculously Saves Twin Brother After Dresser Falls On Him

A 2-year-old boy is being called a hero after saving his twin brother, who got pinned under a dresser that fell on top of him.

The scary incident occurred when the two boys were playing in their bedroom around 8 am in the morning. One of the boys tried to scale the chest of drawers. He climbed into an open drawer and began to try and climb up, but the chest of drawers could not bear the little boy’s weight so it fell backwards onto him, pinning him underneath.

Seeing his brother harmed and trapped, the twin brother sprung into action. In the full video, the boy is pinned for a minute and a half before his brother figures out how to free him. Eventually, the little boy tries to lift the chest of drawers by himself, and succeeds in freeing his brother!

Their parents did not hear any loud noises and only realized something had gone wrong when they saw the fallen dresser on the room’s surveillance camera.

The moment was caught on a surveillance camera and a short clip of the boy freeing his brother can be seen below.

The little boy was very lucky he was not seriously hurt and that he had his brother there to help him.

The video upset their mom greatly. “It’s really heard to watch,” Kayli Schoff told Time. “I just kind of felt ashamed and embarrassed as a parent. I could have prevented this.” She decided to share the video as a warning to other parents to secure their furniture.

“I think it’s a complete miracle, honestly, says Schoff of her son’s accident. “It comes down on his head really hard,” she said. “Not even a little scratch or a bruise. We were lucky.”

Sadly, this kind of accident that claims the life of roughy one child every two weeks! Too frequently, children are crushed after climbing on things around the house that are not properly anchored, be it a book shelf, dresser or TV stand. You can find out more about child-proofing your house in the helpful PSA video here. Fortunately for this family, no one was seriously hurt!

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