Traumatized Dog Facing Corner Makes Amazing Recovery In New Home

A rescue dog who was once so traumatized that she could only stare at a wall in her kennel has made an amazing recovery in her adopted home.

Cara was saved by PAWS Animal Rescue Ireland in July 2015 after the lurcher was picked up off the street. They filmed a video of when they first met her. She was terrified and sitting in her kennel staring at the wall and refusing to look at anyone, despite several attempts to comfort her.

The vet confirmed that the dog’s behavior was because she was extremely nervous and not because of a physical medical issue. The rescue group feared that the one-year-old dog had probably suffered abuse. PAWS had never seen a dog so mentally traumatized.

But half a year later, PAWS Animal Rescue Ireland posted another video, showing Cara in a happy “conversation” with her “brother”, another rescue dog. The video was sent to PAWS by Cara’s family, who adopted her after they saw her heartbreaking video.

The change is nothing short of amazing. Cara’s new family says the dog is “loving life” and although she is still fearful of dogs outside of the home, she’s a “great little character”.

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