Tiny Puppy’s Big Personality Works Its Magic In Adorably Silly Adoption Photos

When it comes to finding shelter dogs homes photographs are often a key part to attracting potential adopters.

The San Francisco Animal Care & Control regularly takes sweet photos of their adoptable dogs, but when it came time to take photos of a young chihuahua named Carpe Diem, they were in for a wonderful surprise.

Carpe Diem had been with the animal shelter for a month and they wanted to do something to find the puppy a home. That’s because the 4-month-old puppy let his personality shine right through.

He poses sweetly in his first picture…

But soon the pup squints his eyes…


San Francisco Animal Care & Control

And then looks excitedly at the photographer…


San Francisco Animal Care & Control

He licks his lips…


San Francisco Animal Care & Control

Does the photographer have a treat in their hand?


San Francisco Animal Care & Control

I suspect the answer is “yes”!


San Francisco Animal Care & Control

The dog’s silly pictures quickly went viral and won him fans all over the globe.

But he also caught the attention of someone closer to home, who wanted to give the little guy a permanent home.

“Carpe Diem Has Left the Building,” wrote Animal Care & Control San Francisco. “Hooray! Our little internet superstar Carpe Diem was adopted today! He went home with a canine brother Jenkins, who was adopted from ACC last year. Carpe Diem is shown here with his adopter, new brother, and ACA Tom. Happy trails little guy!”

His new dad says he’s renaming Carpe Diem to “Turbo”. Great name for the little guy with so much energy!

It just goes to show, the right photo can work wonders for a shelter pet!

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