Teen Breaks Down In Tears After Confronting Man Verbally Abusing Woman In Store

If you saw someone being verbally abused right in front of you, what would you do? Would you mind your own business or intervene? That’s the question the TV show ‘What Would You Do’ posed when they sent two actors into a store to portray a husband and wife. The “husband” is verbally abusive to his “wife” as shoppers walk by.

It seems people hear them, but no one acts to intervene until 19-year-old Martina walks by. She can’t bear what she’s hearing and decides to confront the man and the situation head on. When she finds out it’s all pretend, she breaks down in tears of relief.

John Quiñones asks the young teen why she did what she did and she answers, “nobody deserves that”. I also think what her dad does for a living might have something to do with it too.

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