Taco Shop Owner Sees Homeless Freezing And Decides To Inspire Her Customers To Give Back

With temperatures dropping to freezing levels in North Texas, one restaurant owner is doing something practical and simple to help the homeless stay warm. Emilia Flores runs the Taco Stop and she decided to put a clothing rack outside her restaurant. It’s filled with coats, jackets and sweaters that are free for the taking.

People can drop off clothing as donations, or take them if they need them to stay warm. Flores said that she had the idea while in Mexico and since introducing it last year, it’s been a big success.

“They can just come and get them. And they don’t have to ask or feel embarrassed about it. And I think that’s a great thing,” Flores said of the homeless people that come to the rack. Although she did have the wardrobe stolen several times last year, each time her customers rallied and replaced the supply of clothing.

“In small ways you can actually make a difference,” she told WFAA. “And this year particularly I thought that the world is so polarized and the country is so polarized, it’s just another reminder that it takes very little to make life easier for people.”

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