Surveillance Camera Catches Shelter Puppy Causing Havoc After Hours

It appears that families weren’t the only ones partying this past July 4th holiday. A Texas shelter discovered they had a mysterious partier on their premises that wreaked havoc in their halls.

When the custodian at Arlington Animal Services arrived for work, she discovered piles of paper towel strewn everywhere and the supply closet a mess.

Looking to identify the suspect, police checked surveillance camera footage and discovered that the culprit was one rambunctious black puppy named Sadi. She had gotten loose after hours and decided to have loads of fun running up and down the hallways and ripping up all the paper she could find.

“In lieu of an ‘arrest’ we found Sadi a Furrever Home so she can continue to have lots of fun,” the police said after identifying the culprit.

What a little rascal! Who would think one puppy could make all that mess!

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