Stray Dog Too Scared To Be Helped Until Rescuers Change His Mind

Sometimes it takes a while for a stray dog to realize that rescuers are there to help them. That was definitely the case with Scooby.

Scooby was abandoned by a homeless couple and Hope For Paws came to the rescue. But the moment Eldad Hagar approaches Scooby he started barking and growling. He most definitely did not want to be rescued.

It took some time for Eldad to calm Scooby down. Eventually, Scooby grew less scared and after 30 minutes, Scooby let Eldad pet her. “Sometimes it takes a while for dogs to realize we’re there to help them,” writes Eldad. “It seemed like Scooby didn’t want to be rescued at first, but with a little bit of patience, Lisa Arturo and I were able to change his mind.”

By the time they get him to the vet, the little dog’s personality has completely transformed! Scooby is now with The Forgotten Dog Foundation and looking for a home.

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