Stray Dog Gets Revenge On Driver Who Kicked Him, With A Little Help From His Friends

The saying goes “let sleeping dogs lie” – advice that a driver in China ignored and paid the price.

The car owner got a big dose of karma after he kicked a stray dog who was lying in his parking spot.

The dog who was kicked disappeared, but he returned to the parking spot a short time later with a few of his friends and began to trash the man’s car!

A neighbor took pictures of the dogs taking their revenge, which he later showed to the driver. The dogs can be seen biting the car and windshield wipers.

Revenge can be so sweet!

Media reports of the vengeful vandals initially came out in the spring of 2015. I’m not sure how the car owner reacted when he found out about his car, but people posting on Chinese social media and around the globe were soundly on the side of the dogs.

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