Stray Dog Wanders Streets With Dangling Jaw For 2 Weeks Until One Man Acts

This stray dog wandered the streets for two weeks with a broken jaw. She struggled to eat and was in a great deal of pain. Many people saw her, some had try to feed her, but only one person called an animal rescue for help.

“I am trying to write but tears filled my eyes .. this poor dog lived at the streets in a village of Karditsa [Greece] and had a completely broken jaw… a jaw that was hanging,” wrote Ermioni Giannakou with Rescue – Diasozo.

“She couldn’t eat, she tried to lie down and lick with her tongue at the side…and no one helped this dog!!!! .. Only one person – we thank him so so much – informed us immediately when he saw her.”

Mara was rushed to hospital and after x-rays it was thought that her injury was the result of blunt force trauma like being kicked. “From human? Horse? Bear? God knows…” says Ermioni.

Seeing Mara when she’s first rescued is difficult, but seeing her after her medical care is priceless.

Warning: video contains graphic content that may be disturbing to some viewers.

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