Sneaky Squirrels Are Stealing Chocolate Bars From Convenience Store

They are brazenly carrying out their robberies in broad daylight, right in front of the shopkeepers and they keep coming back to steal again. The thieves are squirrels that are snatching candy bars from inside a Toronto convenience store, much to the shopkeepers’ dismay.

Two videos show the rascally rodents entering through the open door of Luke’s Grocery & Snack Bar and grabbing a chocolate bar from the bottom shelf of the candy rack. The first squirrel steals a Kinder Bueno bar, the second, which was recorded around a month later, steals a Crunchie bar.

Jenny Kim, whose parents own the store, is guessing that they are dealing with a family of squirrels and that the animals have become repeat offenders after successfully stealing snacks. She told CTV News that they’ve lost around 48 candy bars since they first witnessed the thefts last year.

But trying to catch the squirrels and get them to drop the bars, is proving difficult as the squirrels are just too fast. “It’s a different bar each time – Oh Henry, Mr. Big, etc. We tried running after it, but it’s still faster. A couple times, passersby and customers tried chasing after it with us, but once it goes up a tree, it’s game over.”

As to why the front door of the store is left open, Kim explains it needs to be open every now and then to let in air or for a delivery. “We keep our door closed. But every once in a while, we open it for some fresh air or delivery – and the menace strikes,” the YouTuber writes about one of the videos.

“It’s amusing to see them come in, but we hope it’ll stop,” Kim told CTV News. She said she is not only worried about the crime spree affecting their sales (the $2.00 candy bars are adding up), but they are worried about the squirrels’ health.

With winter having arrived the frequency of the thefts has died down for now. Kim is taking advantage of the quiet time to ask Reddit for help on dealing with the candy robbers. But she admits, “We don’t have any solutions yet.”

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