Clever Squirrel Outmaneuvers Elaborate Trap To Get At Bird Feed

Many homeowners enjoy putting out bird feeders for local birds only to discover that they’re feeding the squirrels more than the birds. Not content with that a man decided to try and thwart the squirrels, and it soon became a battle of wits between man and squirrel.

Andy Hageman explains: “Many years ago my father tried and failed to feed birds but not squirrels. His attempts were pretty clever (he was a designer) but he always fell short and the tree-rats feed on his nuts.”

Here’s a video of the squirrel deterrent Andy’s dad erected to keep the squirrel away from the bird food. Wait until you see what happens at 2:38…it cracks me up!

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This squirrel reminds me of the “Mission Impossible” squirrel who stops at nothing to get some nuts!

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