Sick And Starving Puppies Cling To One Another After They Are Rescued From Backyard Crate

Sara and Ingrid were rescued from the backyard of a drug dealers house in South Florida. A young man adopted these two puppies and had them in a small cage in his backyard. While he was in jail on drug charges for a week, the puppies were trapped in their crate. They were laying in their own feces and not getting the food and care they needed.

Angelico Cat and Dog Rescue was notified of the terrible situation and after pleading with the man’s father, the two puppies were luckily released into their care. The rescuers rushed the two puppies to hospital. Sara was in critical condition, she was so weak that she would seek out the warmth and comfort of her stronger sister. Watch the video below for the story of their struggle to survive and how they got their second chance!

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