Shelter Staff In Tears As Dog Who Waited 11 Years Heads Home With Her Forever Family

Olive has waited a long time to get adopted. Eleven years to be exact. During that time she stayed at Yonker’s Animal Shelter, where the staff have taken care of her and fretted over why a dog so full of love kept on getting overlooked.

There was a glimmer of hope many years ago when a volunteer was supposed to adopt her, but he died suddenly and Olive was again without someone. Until this week. Shelter volunteers were in tears when Olive finally got to go home with her new family.


Photo credit: Facebook / Yonker’s Animal Shelter

“Olive has left the building and tonight for the first time in almost 11 years she will sleep home tonight, belonging to someone who will love her forever,” Yonker’s Animal Shelter wrote on Facebook. “As you can imagine it is a bitter sweet day at the shelter. While we are beyond thrilled for her, we will selfishly miss that sweet face that has been part of our lives for so long.”


Photo credit: Facebook / Yonker’s Animal Shelter

“Many tears have been shed here today but for a change they are happy tears. While Olive has been very loved and well cared for here, a shelter is not a home. No longer will Olive be alone for 20 hours a day, no longer will she close her eyes behind bars wondering if tomorrow will be her day. TODAY Was her today.”


Photo credit: Facebook / Yonker’s Animal Shelter

The shelter had been campaigning on Olive’s behalf vigorously, especially in the past few months after Olive’s story began to spread on social media. It turns out, Olive’s new mom is not a stranger to the shelter (she has rescued a dog from them before), but she only saw Olive’s story through what the shelter calls “the power of your sharing.”

Since arriving in her new home, Olive is enjoying her freedom. The animal shelter says that she gave her mom a priceless smile after getting some yummy cookies.


Photo credit: Facebook / Yonker’s Animal Shelter

It will no doubt take a bit of time for Olive to adjust to her new life, but she clearly loves her her new mom and she’s got a great big yard to play in. “Happy life sweet Olive, thinking of you sleeping curled up safe at home tonight just warms our soul,” write the shelter. “You waited way too long, but sometimes best things in life are worth waiting for.” You can follow Olive’s new life on her Facebook page.

Watch a sweet video of Olive and share her story with your dog-loving friends!

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