Search Dog Hunts Through The Rubble And ‘Rocked It’ At Her Graduation Demonstration

When disaster strikes, Search and Rescue dogs are often the first on the scene, working tirelessly to save lives. One recent graduate of National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, showed off her stuff at her recent graduation demonstration.

Meet Eva. The Belgian Malinois was tasked to search a rubble pile at the Foundation’s National Training Center. The Belgian Malinois races quickly over the rubble, scanning and sniffing her nose for signs of a scent until she finds her target! As the NDSDF said, “She ‘rocked it’ (pun intended)”.

After watching her in action, I know I’d want Eva hunting me down if I was in trouble.

Eva is off to work for the Los Angeles County Fire Department where she will put her training towards saving lives!

Note: It may take a few seconds for the video to load below.

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