Puppy Goes To Shelter To Pick Her New Best Friend

When Raven the puppy first met Woodhouse the kitten, it was love at first sight. The young Tamaskan dog accompanied her owners to the local shelter to look at kittens to adopt, and the minute she saw Woodhouse, she knew she had found the cat for her!

The two are only two weeks apart in age. Here are some adorable photos of the two friends together.

Since bringing Woodhouse home, the two do everything together.

“Within 5 minutes of bringing Woodhouse home, they were already so tired from playing they needed some water!”

Cuddle time!

What’s up?


“The look I get when I tell them to quit playing”

Road trips are boring, so why not take a nap?

Naps are good at home too.

Say “Cheese”!

The two are bigger now, but still best buddies.

They are so cute together!

They just love to hang out and play together.

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