Abandoned Dog With Bowed Legs Gets Second Chance Thanks To Rescuers

It’s a miracle Quasimodo survived as long as he did. Born with a birth defect that forced him to crawl on his elbows for the first few years of his life, Quasimodo was dumped out of the back of a pick up truck and discarded like a piece of trash by his heartless owners. Despite his ordeals, Quasi hasn’t lost his spirit or the ability to love those around him.

The 3-year-old St. Bernard-American Bulldog mix was taken to the Muskingum County Dog Pound in Zanesville, Ohio where it was determined that he would need carpal fusion surgery if he were to ever walk normally. They approached one of their volunteers, Lianne Hughes, and asked if she would take Quasimodo in.

When she met him, she knew she wanted to help the disabled dog. “Quasi is pretty charismatic,” she told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. “Once you see him, you instantly fall in love. And that’s pretty much what happened.”

While fostering him and treating him for heartworm, Hughes and other rescuers started a fundraiser for his expensive surgery. Through the efforts and generosity of dog lovers, donations poured in to help pay for Quasi’s much needed surgery.

In May, Quasimodo underwent the surgery that fused his wrist bones back together. Although he will never walk perfectly normal, watching him in the video below, taking his first steps upright in his casts is simply a wonder to behold!

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