Woman Finds Tiny Puppies In Dangerous Quarry And Makes Sure They Get Back To Mom

Ingrid is a street rescuer who helps stray and abandoned dogs in Los Angeles. After she heard about several dogs who were either dumped or feral, living in a large quarry, she went out to save them.

The day before this video was shot, Ingrid had rescued an emaciated mother dog and figured that the other stray dogs were likely her babies. Worried for their safety, Ingrid began the daunting task of searching the 200-acre quarry to find them.

She scoured the area, crawling on the ground and climbing over fencing and talking to workers at the facility. Finally, she heard a sound coming from some bushes…she had found them! Sadly, Ingrid was too late to save two of the five puppies, who did not survive due to extreme dehydration. But three did and they were immediately reunited with their mom.

Under the watchful eyes of their rescuer and her team, the momma dog and her puppies grew healthy and strong. The puppies all found wonderful homes, and Momma Quarry, who is feral and terrified of humans, is slowly learning that her rescuers are here to help her.

Thanks to Ingrid’s persistence and compassion, four lives have been saved! Share this dog rescue with your friends!

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