Puppy Handed Over To Be Euthanized For ‘Not Playing’ Just Needed A Little Love

Simba the puppy was handed in by his owners to be euthanized for “not playing”. But the reason why was perfectly clear to the vets that got him. He didn’t feel good enough to play because he had multiple infections, including tick fever.

He was rescued by Sidewalk Specials in Cape Town, South Africa, and after two months of treatment and a stay in a loving foster home, all Simba wants to do now is play!

Watch his adorable recovery in the video below.

And in more fantastic news, Simba now has a loving home with a doggie sibling and two loving parents. They say he can’t sit still and is loving life!

I’m so glad that Simba got the second chance he deserved! Share his story with your friends and support your local rescues!