Rescue Dogs Take Foster Puppy Into Their Hearts

Patty Cakes and Pikelet know what it’s like to be orphaned and alone. That’s why they are the most dynamic foster brothers on the planet when it comes to taking care of animals in need. Pikelet was rescued as a puppy from deathrow at the pound. He and Patty Cakes (who was also rescued) live in Sydney, Australia.

They recently adopted and looked after two little ducklings rescued by Wollongong Animal Rescue Network. They did such a great job that their mom decided to bring another precious baby animal home…

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Remember these guys? Pikelet and Patty Cakes?

Their foster ducklings have all grown up, so Pikelet and Patty Cakes have welcomed a new foster into their home.

Meet Potato!

Potato was taken from his mom at 5-week-old along with his siblings to be sold at a pet store.

But Potato and his siblings were all very sick. They had worms, mange and fleas.

They also had not been properly fed or hydrated.

The puppies were rescued Wollongong Animal Rescue Network Inc.

That’s how Potato ended up with his foster brothers.

Pikelet and Patty Cakes immediately began to look after Potato.

The two rescue dogs have such big hearts!

They are making sure Potato is well looked after.

And that he is having lots of fun being a puppy.

And he’s learning all those doggie life-skills that will make the family who adopts him very happy!

In the meantime, he’s one of the pack!

And loving every minute of it!

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