Firefighter Rescues Pit Bull Thrown Into Swamp And Bitten By Alligators

A dog is lucky to be alive after she was heartlessly tossed over a highway overpass and into an alligator-infested swamp in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana.

The St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office responded to the call and officers saw the Pit Bull was alive on a small piece of land in the swamp below.

With the help of the St. Rose Fire Department, The St. Charles Parish Animal Control and The St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office, the Pit bull was rescued within about 45 minutes. Firefighter Eddie Simpson lowered himself down and pulled the 70 pound dog up the ladder by himself!

Rescuers filmed Simpson rescuing the dog, now named Ally, from the swamp.

She is being treated for bites, which look to have been caused by an alligator! Otherwise, Ally appears to be in good health and is between 5 and 7 years old.

Authorities investigating the incident said that it is undetermined at this time if the owner threw Ally over or if she was stolen.

Watch the news video below for further details of her rescue.

Ally is recovering at the St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter and will be eligible for adoption if no one steps forward to claim her.


No one came forward to claim Ally, so St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter set out to find her a forever home, and around a month later they succeeded! She was adopted by a family in New Jersey and spent Christmas in a new, loving home.

St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter

“Ever wonder what happened to Ally, the pitbull thrown off of 310?” asked the shelter?  “Well, she is doing great in New Jersey. Her family says she is the best dog and they couldn’t be happier with her.”

St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter

It looks like she’s loving her life at her new home and is surrounded by love. What a wonderful happy ending for this girl!

St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter

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