Pit Bull’s Adorable Morning Routine At Shelter Wins Him A Home

First there was Rush, the Pit Bull who adorably made his bed in his kennel at the shelter and now there’s Earl, who every morning greets workers at the Humane Society of Madison County by rolling onto his back with his tail wagging, waiting for a belly rub!

Earl arrived at the shelter as a stray. The brown and white Pit Bull immediately showed volunteers he was all about the love, but when it came to finding a home, potential adopters walked on by.

Seven months past before a volunteer decided to film Earl in his kennel, and this is what they filmed…

Needless to say, the moment animal lovers saw the video of Earl they were smitten and there was a line up to adopt him. He received five applications and was adopted on October 12 by Arika and Dan Haupt.

They had been looking for a while, but when they saw Earl and his adorable routine, they knew they had found their dog.

Now renamed Duke, the Haupts are learning for themselves that Duke is one big love bug, giving hugs and kisses to them whenever he can.

Dan Haupt shared this photo of Duke (aka Earl at home where he jokingly wrote, “He’s struggling to adapt to his new home….”


Photo credit: Facebook / Dan Haupt

It looks like Duke hasn’t lost his love of a good belly rub!

If this isn’t an adoption story that will encourage people to visit their local animal shelter to find a dog, I don’t know what is! Share this heartwarming story with your friends.

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