Paralyzed Doberman Pinscher Who Vets Gave Up On Walks Again Thanks To Rescuers

Kenny is a Doberman Pinscher who was left at a shelter after his owners decided he was not aggressive enough. He waited at the shelter for THREE years until a rescue took him in. It was to be the start of his happy ending, but his story took a tragic turn.

An accident injured Kenny’s back so badly that vets advised he be euthanized. It looked like sweet Kenny was never to know the love of a good family until another rescue called Two Hands Four Paws heard about him and had faith that they could help him recover.

Kenny was about to undergo an extensive surgery and months of rehabilitation. But through it all, his rescuers never gave up hope. Kenny received rehab for three hours every day for almost 6 months.

The odds were stacked against him, but his rescuers never gave up and neither did he. Then, after months and months of hard work…a miracle!

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