Monsters Tried To Kill An Opossum By Shooting Him With Arrows, But He Surprised Everyone

A Riverside County Animal Services officer responded to a call about a opossum shot with arrows. Animal Control Officer Jennifer Selter found the opossum in Riverside’s La Sierra neighborhood and was surprised to discover the animal was still alive despite having two cross-bow arrows protruding from his body.

Warning: Shocking images below may be disturbing to some readers.

Photo credit: Riverside County Animal Services

She rushed the animal to the county’s Western Riverside County/City Animal Shelter in Jurupa Valley, where a staff veterinarian immediately began surgery to try to save the animal.

“One arrow penetrated the animal near its right eye and followed through the other side of its head,” writes Riverside County Animal Services. “The second arrow went through its right side and also penetrated the other side of the animal.”


Photo credit: Riverside County Animal Services

When the opossum first came into the treatment area of the clinic he was struggling to pull the arrows out himself. “The animal was very alert and you could tell it was trying to remove the arrows itself,” says Sgt. Cynthia Lee of Riverside County Animal Services, who was with the animal when he arrived. “The opossum was grabbing the arrow on its side. What a horrible thing to do to an animal.”


Photo credit: Riverside County Animal Services

Amazingly, no vital organs were damaged by the bolts, although the opossum lost an eye. The opossum survived the surgery and will be continued to be monitored by staff until he is well enough to be sent to a local wildlife rehabilitator to see if he can be released back into the wild. The staff have named him Robin.


Photo credit: Riverside County Animal Services

Meanwhile, Animal Services has launched a cruelty investigation with the Riverside Police Department on Friday, January 23, 2016, the day Robin was found. Animal Services Director Robert Miller called the actions callous and despicable.

“No animal, whether it’s a domesticated dog or cat, or a part of our wildlife, deserves to be treated in such a cruel manner,” Miller said. “Anyone who has any information about who might have done this are encouraged to contact us. This is a sick act.”


What a terrible thing to do to such a gentle creature. Anyone with information should contact Riverside County Animal Services.

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