Shelter Dogs Stay Warm For The Winter Thanks To Old Sweaters

If you are looking for a way to help your local animal shelter this winter then here’s an idea for you – donate your old sweaters.

One shelter that is grateful to take them is the Washington County Tennessee Animal Shelter.


Lucy (our name) is a stray, spayed poodle. Photo credit: WCHS

The Washington County Tennessee Animal Shelter uses old sweaters to help their homeless dogs stay a little bit warmer over winter by transforming the old garments into makeshift doggie vests.


Chopper may be a boxer/hound blend. Photo credit: WCHS

The short-haired dogs wear them to keep warm when they are taken outdoors for activities during chilly weather, or are resting in their kennels.


Flippy has been adopted. Photo credit: WCHS

They even have their adoption photos taken with their upcycled sweaters on.


Karma is a female retriever mix that came in as a stray and needs a home. Photo credit: WCTN

Although the shelter does have heaters, during early winter they like to open the doors to ventilate the space.


Kylie has been adopted. Photo credit: WCTN

The shelter says they are always in need of sweaters, shirts and blankets for their medium-sized and large dogs.


Patches has been adopted. Photo credit: WCTN

What a fantastic idea! The next time I have any old sweaters I’ll be calling my local animal shelter first before visiting the thrift store.


Ranger is a male lab/dane mix. He barks at people when they come near his kennel but underneath I’m just a love bug who is scared. Photo credit: WCTN

Get in touch with your local animal shelter to see if they need your old sweaters or other household items you may no longer need. And share this story and help spread the word to other animal lovers you know!

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