Officer On A Call Instantly Smitten With Abandoned Puppy

Officer Marcus Montgomery was on a call at the Panhandle Animal Welfare Society shelter in Florida and finishing up when one of the supervisors walked in to tell him about a new arrival.

“You know Vader needs a baby brother,” she told him. Vader, being Officer Montgomery’s 4-year-old Pit Bull Terrier, who he adopted from the very same shelter.

“She brings me this ‘lil guy, chill, no whining, no barking, just chill,” wrote Officer Montgomery on Imgur. “She explains to me that he and 9 other puppies were dropped off in a box and set on the shelters back door step over night (it was 37 degrees the night before, mind you) and when they came in, that’s where they found the litter.”

That’s when this happened…

The bond between the two was instantaneous. “So I get to hold him and he immediately curls up in my arms,” said Montgomery. “Needless to say, ‘Kylo’ will be coming home tomorrow as a birthday gift to my girlfriend. Tl;dr: humans suck. Leave pups on back porch in cold. He’s MINE.”

The humans that abandoned Kylo and his littermates out in the freezing cold suck, but Officer Montgomery and his girlfriend certainly do not!

Vader will soon have new baby brother to love and look after. He’s smiling already!

Vader. photo credit: Imgur

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