Goofy Great Dane Has The Most Hilarious Facial Expressions

Have you ever met a dog, whose face makes you burst out laughing? You’re about to…

Meet Mutka.

He’s a Harlequin Great Dane with a gift for making funny faces!

Mutka lives in Finland with his family.

He’s the definition of a derp.

His name means “Bend” in Finnish. It’s not because his face can bend into odd shapes, but because he has a crook in his tail.

No matter what the occasion, Mutka always seems to have a goofy expression.

Mutka’s best friend is his little sister, Luna.

Can you tell which one is the derpy one?

Mutka has one long tongue!

Is that Mutka doing the “Blue Steel”?

Keep smiling, Mutka!

His expressions are hilarious! Share Mutka with your friends and give them a smile!

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