A Mother’s Instinct Saves The Life Of Orphaned Kangaroo

Chloe Enright was driving home in Dunsborough, Australia, when she saw a dead kangaroo on the side of the road. But instead of continuing on, something told her she needed to go back. Call it a mother’s intuition, but it ended up saving a life…

Chloe was driving her kids back home after visiting a friend when she spotted a kangaroo that was hit and killed by a car.

Something told her to go back and look. “Inside the kangaroos pouch was a baby joey,” she said on Facebook. “Her mum was still warm but she was gone.”

She gently pulled the joey out and they kept her warm before taking her to the vet for some much needed milk.

Chloe’s daughter named her Angel “as they were watching over her until we found her.”

They got an emergency care pack from F.A.W.N.A., a wildlife rescue organization that helps rehabilitate wild animals.

The family got a heated pouch and other things a baby kangaroo would need to survive.

They have to make sure to keep her warm and feed her four times a day.

Chloe’s family plan on taking care of Angel until she’s big enough to be released back into the wild.

Angel is in good hands. Let’s hope she makes it. Chloe also has an important message to share with other families who might come across a kangaroo (or any other animal for that matter).

“Please always stop and check if you ever hit a kangaroo as there could be a precious baby joey that won’t survive without care.”

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