Friendly Manatee Surprises Paddleboarders By Swimming Over To Say ‘Hello’

Two paddleboarders in Florida recently got a once-in-a-lifetime experience when a friendly manatee swam up to their boards and decided to hang out.

Celine Chasteen and her friend were paddling in the waters in Jupiter when two manatees popped up in the waters near them. And one was very friendly. Chasteen told WPTV that the “sea cow” was playful and kept rolling on its back. It even put its flippers on her board. Her friend caught the rare and friendly encounter on video. After its short visit the manatees swam off.

Manatees are a protected species and should never be touched or pursued as it’s against the law, reminds The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. If a manatee is avoiding people, it should not be followed for a closer view. If they are like this playful one, then do what Chasteen and her friend did, look but don’t touch.

As one viewer commented, “Good for them for not touching it, trying to jump in and try to ride it and just enjoy the moment.”

Please note: the video may take a few seconds to load.

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