Baby Deer Reluctant To Leave The Man Who Saved Her Life

A man recently saved an injured fawn after she was left behind by her family, and chronicled her rehabilitation in a special video. Darius is an avid outdoorsman and his home is close to nature. One day, he was watching a family of deer when he noticed one of the fawns straying behind her mother because she had hurt her front leg. Soon, her family left her alone and Darius decided to take the fawn home because of the predators in the area.


“I do not support keeping wild animals as a pets,” Darius wrote in the video’s caption. “But this was [a] special situation.” Darius splinted the fawn’s leg with an oatmeal box and began feeding her every four hours.


Darius’ dog, Mack, assumed the role of foster dad to the fawn and made sure to clean the fawn. He and Darius’ other pets would play outside as her leg healed.


Mack would also keep a close eye on her wherever she went.


After much TLC, the fawn’s leg had healed and it was time to set her free. At first the fawn was reluctant to leave her foster family, but one day she saw her mother and ran to join her family.

fawn rescue

A few months later, Darius saw the fawn he had worked hard to save, thriving and happy! Watch the fawn’s full rescue story in Darius’ video below!

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