Man Hears Barking Coming From Underneath Sidewalk And Finds Dog Buried Alive

Residents in a Russian town saved a pregnant dog who had been buried and left to die under a bricked-up sidewalk.

A shocking video showing the dog’s rescue shows the dog being freed from her brick tomb in the town of Voronezh, Russia.

How the dog came to be trapped under the street is unclear, but her ordeal began shortly after a building’s sidewalk was repaired. A sinkhole had damaged the entrance way several weeks earlier and created a big pit.


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The hole was repaired but two days later residents Vadim Rustam and his family heard a dog barking when they began to climb the steps.

They didn’t know where the sound was coming from at first, but listening more closely, Vadim thought the sound was coming from underneath the steps. That’s when Vadim guessed that workers had bricked up a dog when they were laying the sand and bricks!

They immediately went to the local housing office to report the problem and asked them to dig a hole to rescue the dog. But the utility office told them they could not do anything because they had not done the work.


Photo credit: YouTube

That’s when Vadim’s family decided to try and save the dog themselves. Vadim began to pry the bricks loose and after lifting a few bricks he began digging in the sand. That’s when he found a large rock blocking the gap under the stairs and pushing it aside a dog’s face appeared!

The women watching get emotional when they realize the dog is pregnant and has spent two days without food or water stuck underground!


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The friendly dog has since been taken to a local rescue group in Voronezh to be looked after.

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