Man Makes Shocking Discovery Inside Discarded Aquarium

While searching for his lost dog Matt Williamson made a shocking discovery near a creek in Hinds County, Mississippi. Lying in the creek bed was an aquarium. When he got closer to it, he saw eyes peering out at him – two puppies were trapped inside! Not only that, the lid was closed and cemented shut.

“They set it here for them to drown,” Matt said of whomever cruelly abandoned the puppies. He called authorities and the puppies were taken to the Mississippi Animal Rescue League. The shelter said that the two puppies were a bit feral and running a sight fever, so they’re in isolation to ensure they are not infectious. A vet has looked at them and said they are in pretty good health in spite of their predicament.

The two puppies are so lucky Matt spotted them. I certainly hope he found his dog.

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