Man Cannot Hold Back The Tears When He Discovers His Stolen Pit Bull At Shelter

If it had not been for a Facebook post, a foster caregiver and a lot of luck, Barry Gearhart would never had been reunited with his stolen dog. Instead, his beloved dog Titan (aka “Hank”) would have been euthanized at a shelter, just one of many nameless dogs to suffer the fate. But fortunately for Titan and for Gearhart, the two shared a tearful reunion after more than a year apart.

Titan was stolen from Gearhart’s truck over a year ago. He and a close friend spent many months putting up fliers and canvassing neighborhoods and posting to social media in an effort to find him, but to no avail.

Then, a few days ago, Gearhart received a message from someone who had seen a picture of Titan posted by a foster and then saw a picture of Titan on Loxahatchee Lost and Found Pets. She put two and two together and knew it was Gearhart’s long lost dog.

He discovered that Titan was at a shelter and had been facing imminent death only to be spared last minute by a foster caregiver.

“Titan (aka “Hank”) developed kennel cough at AC [animal control], and had 24 hrs to find a 2 week foster (without which, he would likely have been euthanized),” Gearhart explains on his Facebook page. “A wonderful foster, Terra Miller, took him in while he got over his cold! Little did she know, that she was not only saving his life, but making this miraculous reunion possible!! Thank you Terra!! What a beautiful and inspirational story this is.”

Gearhart immediately went to the shelter where he could hold back the tears seeing his dog again.

Titan was soon in Gearhart’s car and heading home!

Calling it a miracle, Gearhart says he could not have started off the new year any better and says Titan’s story is a reminder of how fosters save lives. It’s also a reminder to microchip your dog, as it greatly increases the chances you will be reunited with your lost dog!

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