Loving Pet Parent Takes His Wolfdog On Awesome Outdoor Adventures

Meet Loki. The wolf dog (mostly Husky/Malamute with a touch of arctic wolf) lives with his dad in Colorado, where the two go on many outdoor adventures. Loki’s dad doesn’t believe dogs are meant to live their lives locked indoors and he hopes by sharing their adventures, he encourages people to get out and make memories with their own dogs.

This is Loki and his dad.

He loves camping.

Sleeping under the stars…

Hiking in the woods…

And in the mountains.

He loves to go exploring…

Loki also loves running in the snow!

Loki is a sociable fellow and loves hanging out with friends…

And making new ones!

He loves getting a peanut butter treat (although it’s a bit messy when you stick your snout in the jar).

But the thing he loves most of all? He loves spending time with his dad.

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