Good Samaritans Get Help To Save Kittens Crying And Trapped Under Sidewalk

People walking around the Cultural Center in Araras, Brazil couldn’t understand where the meowing was coming from. For around a week, pedestrians heard the sound of crying kittens that appeared to be coming from underneath the sidewalk. Although authorities were alerted, it wasn’t until a group of people decided to try and rescue the cats, that any action was taken. They guessed the animals had become trapped in a drainage pipe located under the sidewalk.

Despite getting suggestions to kill the animals by using a water hose to drown them, the rescuers were able to convince some utility workers to help them free the cats from their stone prison! Eventually, four tiny kittens were lifted out to safety.

The kittens were certainly resilient and are since being freed have been looked at by a vet and are being nursed by hand until they are ready for adoption.

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