Man Takes A Chance On A Feral Dog Too Terrified To Leave His Cage And Pulls Off A Miracle

When Jimmy was brought to a shelter in Macon, Georgia he was feral, scared of people and had never been trained. He was so scared he didn’t want to leave his cage. When Macon Animal Control had a Pardon Week to make space in the shelter, it looked like Jimmy was not going to be one of the lucky ones to make it out. But Dr. Andy Mathis didn’t want to leave the timid dog behind to die. He took Jimmy under his care and the transformation Jimmy makes is nothing short of miraculous!

Andy wrote that a few days after this video was posted to YouTube, that Jimmy developed very severe and unexpected complication from the heartworms he was being treated for and passed away suddenly. But Andy decided to keep his video up. He wrote, “When this was uploaded I totally expected him to be around another 10 years not realizing that he would only be here a few more days. I decided to leave his video up. If it encourages someone to adopt, rescue, or foster a shelter pet, he [Jimmy] would want that.”

It’s a powerful legacy to leave behind! Share Jimmy’s inspiring story of redemption with your friends and its powerful message about second chances!