31 Photos Of Irish Wolfhounds Show Just How Lovable These Canine Giants Are

Irish wolfhounds are one of the oldest dog breeds in the world and considered the tallest. Thought to have been brought over to Ireland as early as 7000 B.C., Irish wolfhounds were long associated with the Irish kings and warriors, because they hunted with them and fought with them by their sides.

Nowadays, Wolfhounds are favored for their loyalty, affection, patience and devotion to their families. Most are very gentle around children and are relatively easy to train. Their size certainly makes them stand out in the crowd, no matter where they are, as you’ll see in the following fun photos.

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They start out just as tiny as any other puppy. In their first year of life wolfhounds can grow as much as a pound a day.

They’re adorable puppies.

They grow pretty fast.

Then, they get really big.

Let’s sit and chat, shall we?

Is the Irish Wolfhound a lap dog? You decide.

They’re definitely not your average dog.

Did someone say dinner?

Here Dougal, have a treat!… Wait. Holy f….”


Friends come in all shapes and sizes.

Hey, neighbor!

They’re a nosy, curious kind of dog.

Treat time!

Time for a walk with a little human.

They run like the wind.

They make the sweetest companions.

Best big brother ever!

Irish Wolfhounds have been the official dog of the Irish Guard for nearly a century.

Look at these sleeping positions.

They need a big car!

They take over a bed.

Wolfhound sit ups.

Irish Wolfhound triple squirrel alert system.

Snow day.

Time for a hug. And they know how to give you a big one!

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