Fluffy Bunny Has The Most Adorable Reaction When He Sees His Human Napping

Arnie the rabbit feels so comfortable and safe with his human that he does the most adorable thing when he sees she’s taking a nap! But it wasn’t always that way. In fact, Arnie was saved from a very scary situation.

“Can you imagine that someone had the heart to dump Arnie in a park mid-winter and left him there to freeze, starve or become food,” explains his family. “We adopted him from Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) in January 2015 and that was the best decision we ever made! Please do not buy from breeders if you have the option to save a life from a rescue or shelter. You will be saving an Arnie…”

Note: video below may take a few seconds to load.

P.S. one person who has had several bunnies as pets over the years explains that what Arnie does in the video below is really special. “Considering bunnies are prey animals and their default state is not relaxed it can be a really special moment when they flop like this, as it means they are very comfortable with you and their environment.”

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