Vet Astonished After Horse Gives Birth To “Miracle” Twin Foals

The birth of twin foals is an extremely rare event. But chances of the twin foals surviving is even rarer. That’s why Mocha and Cappucino are considered “little miracles”.

In May 2014, Mocha and Cappucino were unable to nurse from their mother and were not getting the colostrum they needed to survive. So they were taken to Veterinarian Dr. John Schlipf at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Oregon State University, where they received ’round the clock care from the vet and his students. Just a week later, the two foals were on their feet and running around the paddock.

It’s an experience that Dr. Schlipf was very happy to share with his students and one he told them to cherish. “I’ve been doing this for 30 years and this is only the second set of live twins I’ve seen,” he explained. One of the students said it was “an experience of a lifetime”.

I’m sure playing a part in seeing the twins happy and healthy has made a lasting impression on everyone who helped them!

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