Homeless Husky Riddled With Mange Is Becoming Loving Lap Dog

A Siberian Husky riddled with mange was rescued from Sacramento streets and taken to Front Street Animal Shelter for care.

“Sick, starving but finally safe,” Front Street Animal Shelter wrote when she first arrived. “With all she has been through, we are amazed to see her kind and gentle demeanor with our staff.” Her sweet disposition won her the name “Sugar” and since arriving at the shelter in December 2015, Sugar has been slowly recovering.

Just before Christmas, Sugar went to a foster home, where she met another dog named Piel who is recovering from burn wounds. The two became friends and have been keeping each other company.


Photo credit: Front Street Animal Shelter

Treating Sugar for her mange proved to be a challenge, as she had an allergic reaction to her medication. Her rescuers also noticed she was experiencing “vertigo or another disorienting condition” and the group went to work to find out why. While being tested, she is lovingly being looked after by her foster family. Sugar had a wonderful holiday surrounded by love.


Photo credit: Front Street Animal Shelter

“She stands up in a rather tipsy fashion to let her foster parents know she want to go to the bathroom, and is loving all the blankets and the warm heater that is always close by.”

It turns out her oral medicine was causing her dizziness, so she began to get medicated baths to treat her skin problems. It must feel great for her to have a soothing warm bath!


Photo credit: Front Street Animal Shelter

Most recently, the shelter got a surprise visit from Sugar and noticed she is making great strides in her recovery. They have found a medication that she isn’t allergic to and her foster family has been diligently bathing her.

“Sugar’s coat is starting to regrow, and she’s turning into an exceptionally loving lap dog!” the shelter wrote in an update. “She still has a long road ahead but, as you can see from the photos, life is good for Sugar!”


Photo credit: Front Street Animal Shelter

Keep getting better, Sugar! I’m sure when she is healthy Front Street Animal Shelter will not have any problems finding a permanent and loving home.

Update: November 2016

Not only does Sugar look nothing like the mangy dog she first was when she arrived at Front Street Animal Shelter, she’s now living the good life in Oregon with her forever family.

“She’s constantly going outdoors with her new family and furry siblings,” wrote Front Street. “Soon she’ll be learning to paddle board!”

Here’s a wonderful before and after shot of Sugar from October 2016 to show what an incredible journey she’s been on!

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