Heartbroken Senior Dog Dumped At Shelter Finds A Happy Ending Thanks To Strangers

Sometimes, all it takes to save a dog is a little bit of goodwill and a whole lot of optimism and word-of-mouth. That’s how a senior dog named Oso, who was discarded by his family at a shelter, managed to get a happy ending in less than a week!

Oso arrived at the Downey Animal Care Center shelter in Southern California just before the Fourth of July weekend after his owners surrendered him. The Chow Chow mix stared at a wall, heartbroken and alone. He was also suffering from a few skin conditions that are treatable.

That’s how shelter volunteer Sal Valdepeña first caught sight of him and snapped a photo that soon went viral.

Although the reasons for Oso’s abandonment are unclear, his heartbreak and defeat were crystal clear.

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I’m an altered male, Chow Chow…

Posted by Sal Valdepeña on Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Robin Barker, a volunteer animal rescuer, shared Oso’s story and photo on social media as well. Soon after, she managed to find him a home with an adopter in Oregon and a foster in Los Angeles! And with the help of a friend, Oso was pulled from the shelter.

“I just can’t thank everyone enough for helping me to get Oso that precious broken hearted senior dog out of the shelter,” Barker wrote on Facebook. “PLEASE ADOPT the seniors. They have so much love to give and are so grateful. The shelter is a scary place and is especially so for those poor souls who are confused and sick and aching and lonely.”

I’m so glad Oso has been rescued! It’s remarkable how fast Oso found a home thanks to the help and dedication of shelter volunteers like Robin and Sal!

Share Oso’s story with your friends and spread the word about adopting senior pets!

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