Girl Completely Stunned When She Receives Puppy For Her Birthday

Colette Francisco could not believe she got a Shiba Inu for her birthday after waiting 7 years for a dog. Having just turned 9, I’d say that’s an incredibly long time for the young girl to wait! Although Colette might be exaggerating how long she’s wanted a dog, she’s definitely not exaggerating her absolute joy when she realizes the tiny Shiba Inu puppy is hers.

After being told to close her eyes, mom places the puppy in her arms. The girl is absolutely stunned and it takes a few moments for her to believe the puppy she’s holding is actually hers. Needless to say, getting puppy “Wasabi” is a dream come true for Colette, who just can’t stop gushing. “This is just unbelievably awesome,” the 9-year-old says as she bawls. Her reaction is guaranteed to warm hearts.

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