Man Discovers Giant Black Slug In Tide Pool

When I think of slugs, I think of the garden variety slug that I find lurking in my tomato plants or encountered when I go on a walk in the woods. I don’t envision a 2-foot, 10-pound, black, slimy slug that lives near the beach. But that’s what Brave Wilderness host Coyote Peterson discovered when he went in search of a giant black slug known as the Black Sea Hare. They’re aptly named due to their rabbit ear looking appendages.

The slug, which can grow to 30 pounds, lives in tide pools along the Pacific Coast of the United States. Coyote and his friends are looking around a tide pool in San Pedro, California when they finally find one after an hour of looking.

Coyote takes the opportunity to pick up the slimy mollusk and examine it more closely. The Black Hare is completely harmless, but very, very big when compared to a nearby brown sea slug. In fact, the Black Sea Hares are the largest slugs in the world. Wow! I’m just happy these slugs stick to the ocean and not my garden!

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